House of Champions



The House of Champions

The Women with Spirit Education Committee is comprised of the Sisters of Notre Dame, the Ursuline Sisters, and the Sisters of the Most Holy Trinity. The Sisters’ combined efforts developed a new creative initiative in the fall of 2012 for our children on the near West side of Cleveland. 

The committee  rented a house located at 2066 West 47th Street, off of Lorain Ave. in Cleveland, Ohio in 2013 and named it the HOUSE OF CHAMPIONS. It provides an after-school family-like environment, Monday through Friday, for children in grades two to four.  Each year we welcome eight children, from Urban Community School, and from Metro Catholic School. Our intention is to increase the number to twenty-four pending the future building of a new house. Our goal is to instill positive habits in the children and support family efforts in promoting education. The children arrive about 2:30, have a snack, and begin activities indoors and/or outdoors, which instill social skills. 

Volunteers assist the children in establishing good study skills, help with homework, and provide opportunities for respectful and appropriate social skills. The children enjoy a special connection with volunteers who share hobbies and interests of art/crafts, cooking, baking, gardening, music, reading and more. They cook nutritional dinners at home and just heat them up at the House of Champions.  Sometimes the volunteers have a couple of children help prepare a portion of the dinner. Every day the children set the table for a family-style dinner.   Volunteers are encouraged to eat dinner with the children and staff in order to help with conversation, giving individuals an opportunity to share while teaching others to listen with respect. 

After dinner, the children assist the adults with dish clean-up.  Social skills continue to be learned with more play time.  Then the children help straighten the play area so all is in order for the next day. They are picked up by parents or designated relatives at 8:00 PM.


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Board of Directors

Sister Mary Kay Conkey, OSU

Executive Director

Jennifer Conkey

Sister Karen Bohan, OSU

Jennifer Conkey

William Conkey

Vincent Conkey (deceased)

Kevin French

William Head

Andrea Hogan

Meg Hutter

Jack Waldeck

Richard C. Welsh

Sister Nan Zeimet, SND

Benefit Committee

*Board Member

Shelia Berry

Karen Conkey

Kathleen Conkey

Daniele Danese

Marisa Danese

Kelly Freer

*Kevin French

*William Head

Kathleen Knapik

*Richard C. Welsh